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Never Too Early to Start

The average bottle of Cru Classé Bordeaux from a decent vintage will age beautifully over 20 to 30 years. Red Burgundy starts to open up from 8 to 10 years depending on its origin. Port can improve for over half a century. If you’re in your 30s and you’re reading this you may well be dribbling down a straw by the time the 2016 Vintage from Dow’s has reached maturity. Start laying down wine for your future, invest in your enjoyment. It’s like starting a family, you don’t want to leave it too late!

What wine can you invest in? Investing doesn’t have to mean putting down 10K a month. You can decide to invest 1000 a year, however much you like. What are your tastes? Jot down a list of wines/ styles that you have enjoyed recently, do you like the savoury density of aged wine or prefer the crunchy purity of a fresher vintage? Are you a tobacco chasing Bordeaux lover or a follower of the fatter, riper but equally age-worthy styles of the Barossa or Napa Valley? Wines from all around the world age, there are marvels to discover from everywhere.

There are the extravagant stars of the wine world. Names like Cristal, Mouton, Domaine Romanée-Conti (DRC for those in the know), Pétrus and Le Pin populate the most alluring cellars. Many of these wines are prized in bottle, but sadly rarely enjoyed at their peak, more valued as prized assets not the delicious drinks that the grapes were pressed for. If you secure these wines below market value, the investment opportunity is positively sound. There are the rare wines that increase in value from release. Raveneau is one, a tiny Domaine in Chablis producing the most delicate and alluring Chardonnays that are sought by many but imbibed by few. Premier Cru examples are released at around €35 a bottle yet won’t be found for less than €100 six months later. Tignanello, the famous Super Tuscan, is another that increases in value upon release.

Where to start? Find a knowledgeable and trustworthy merchant or broker. Loyalty is rewarded, access to good offers and new parcels will be prioritised for existing customers, forge a strong relationship with your supplier. At Tankersley we want to help our clients grow their cellars and through this expand their knowledge and increase the overall enjoyment that wine gives them. Take your pick: Talk to Nigel who has spent his life in wine, developed an admirable cellar for himself and knows all about the lifetime of top Bordeaux and Burgundy. Or try Harriet, in her thirties; personable, approachable who’s pursuit of the knowledge of wine has led her up to this final month of anticipation for the results of her MW research paper, the final part of a long journey to become one of 125 female masters of wine in the World.

Wine is a way of life. At Tankersley Wine Brokers we offer access to the big names, simply ask and we will source. We’ll find a market for wines you are looking to sell and we’ll value your cellars offering advice on drinking windows and opportunities to profit and re-invest. We have UK and Irish holdings, so can deal in Sterling and Euros. In short, we are here and ready to help you start, improve, reduce or distribute your wine collection whether it is in the UK or Ireland, or further afield.

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